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Wholesome Recipes - Nutrition Counseling & Health Coaching - Lab Testing- Reiki & Energy Healing

Specializing in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Women’s Health : Individual & Group Care

Reignite your body's innate ability to heal for total body transformation and life long health. 

Everyone deserves a life filled with good health.

It is absolutely essential and the most valuable thing we are given.

I value the body’s innate ability to heal. I will guide you to awaken this power from within you using tools like individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, functional lab testing, and natural remedies.

My purpose in life is to provide you with individualized support to balance your hormones and achieve total body wellness.

To read more about my personal journey with PCOS and experience in nutrition, click here.

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What people are saying…

“I firmly believe that people come into our lives exactly when we need them. Eleni is one of those people for me. So often we talk about a “mindset” shift to bring about change, but for me Eleni helped me find a “heart” shift around my relationship with food and nourishment in my life. She taught me what it means to use food and herbs as a tool of kindness and healing. Most importantly what it means to nourish simply as the biggest component in my overall health and wellbeing.” - Margie D.

“Understanding my nutrition and embracing it was something I thought would take a complete overhaul...Eleni helped me perceive and efficiently integrate nutrition into my daily life. It is the best skill I have and I’m proud to say...it’s the key to my overall health and fitness” - McCayne. M.

A place for women to gain insight on holistic health and nutrition. Upcoming events and talks will be featured here. This is also a safe group to share your health journey, struggles, concerns and wins with each other.