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Celebrating Holidays for Happy Hormones

Do you feel like holidays are made just to sabotage your progress?  Some of the biggest setbacks can stem from holiday celebrations or a social gathering. As humans, we need this social interaction. So how can you enjoy a holiday and lose weight? Here are some tips to help you this upcoming holiday weekend and celebrations

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Overcoming Adult Acne as a Female

Do you suffer from adult acne as a female? Adult acne can be indicative of many different things. But above all else, it’s just plain frustrating. Do you wake up and stare in the mirror? Trying to figure out how to cover it up? Just to be left feeling helpless and not wanting to leave

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Improve Your Mood with Food

When it comes to weight gain and PCOS, you might notice shifts in your mood. Aside from maybe being self-conscious, it has been shown that women with PCOS tend to suffer from mood disorder. So it’s not all in your head. How are your mood swings controlling you?How are you they negatively impacting your relationships?How

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