Welcome! Starting From the Roots to Achieve Optimal Health

This is an exciting time! With a launch of a new website, my dreams are truly becoming reality. As a small girl, I begged my mom to assist at the local herbal shop.  Through my Italian roots, I used my intuition in using fresh escarole and broccoli rabe from my grandmother's garden to make a healthy meal. I would find ways to create nutrient-rich dorm room food with friends and brought it upon myself to implement farm fresh meals to feed to student bodies. Now as Registered Dietitian, I am passionate about bringing the principles of wholesome eating, functional nutrition and mindful practices together to achieve whole body health. The power of whole foods and other lifestyle practices is truly amazing in promoting our bodies natural healing methods to kick in.  I will share with you my nutrition knowledge and my belief in the power of food to bring you nourishment each and every time you sit at the table. Just as this earth is created from the roots, we can also become grounded, and start at the root within ourselves to identify what we need through food and lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier state of being. 

Wishing you all health and healing on this journey we call life. - Eleni Ottalagana, RDN, LD