Lab Testing


Lab tests are a powerful tool when it comes to healing the body.

I provide a variety of lab tests to address root cause imbalances.

Cardiometabolic Testing- a comprehensive cardiometabolic panel looking at key markers that are not included on a conventional cardiovascular panel. This includes markers to assess blood sugar regulation, specific cholesterol markers and a full lipid profile.

Genetic Testing- MTHFR gene testing

Hormone Testing - when addressing the root cause of a hormone imbalance, this testing can be important. Here, we can look at a full thyroid panel, sex hormones and stress hormones.

Micronutrient Testing- accurate blood test that measures the white blood cells to review the status of 35 nutritional components (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants). By measuring white blood cells you are given the most accurate nutrient status of your body.

Stool Testing- an in-depth view of the gut microbiome, the ability to test microbial balance (yeast, bacteria and parasite), digestion & absorption rate, inflammation

*if you have a specific question about lab testing, please reach out through the contact page here.